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At the City Pub, one of the popular bars in the centre of Sarajevo, waitress Belma Eminagic, 25, is taking a cigarette break. Image copyright Matthew Brunwasser Image caption "If I was an Arab, I would come and live here," says waitress Belma Eminagic "Waiters and taxi drivers see them as walking money bags and treat them very well," she says. "They say 'hello, my brother.' Sometimes they cheat them and sometimes they get good tips. When people treat them like a god, and everything is cheap, it's really nice for them. "In the beginning when they came here, they asked if we were Muslims," she says. "When we said 'yes' they said very judgmentally: 'But you are drinking and smoking?' Now they accept us and have a nice time here." 'We will become slaves' Bosnians say their anxieties are mainly economic. There are concerns that Arab buyers will dominate the property market and drive up prices

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for Bosnians. And that an increasing number of Bosnians will be working for wealthy Arabs. "We are going to become their slaves, slowly but surely," says Adin Bjelak, 30, a waiter, drinking a coffee in the cafe Balkan Express. While Mr Bjelak has worked with Arabs and has had plenty of positive experiences - as well as some negative - his pessimism is more about Bosnia's poor prospects than Arabs' aggressive business practices.