A Spotlight On Common-sense Programs Of Nightwear

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His then personal assistant described it as "highly unlikely" Mr Harris would have been at the centre, in Portsmouth, because of his high level of fame. Bruna Zanelli said: "He was a major star... a household name. We were a management that was highly esteemed. And we wouldn't have sent any client to work at a community centre. It just wouldn't have happened." Mr Harris maintains his innocence and has pleaded not guilty to assaulting seven girls and women in a series of "brazen" attacks spanning 30 years, the most recent in 2004, the court has heard. Mr Vullo told the jury that part of the evidence would relate to Harris's first trial, but that they should focus on the latest allegations. 'I cannot remember being there' The jury was also told about an answerphone message left for one of the victims in the first case. In the 2013 message the victim, who was aged 15 when Harris assaulted her in a London pub while she was on a visit from Australia, is accused by her ex-partner of lying about her allegation against the entertainer.